365.000% APY

Baltic Miners Finance is positioned to redefine the DeFi space with its new and improved AutoStaking and AutoCompounding mechanisms.

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Auto-Compounding Rewards Made Easy is is a DeFi Auto-Compounding and Auto-Staking Platform owned by Cryptocurrency Mining Company UAB Baltic Miners.

All purchases of the BMFT Token are automatically compounded on our platform.

From the second you purchase $BMFT, you are immediately earning Compounding Rewards – 365.000% APY!

Your $BMFT tokens will remain in your wallet and you will see day by day numbers of token rise and the all amount of tokens are free to sell in PancakeSwap or in our peer to peer exchange when you wish.

You can also stake $BMFT and lock into the Staking Contract for a minimum of 180 days, earning 129% APY after which you are able to withdraw 20% of your Staked Tokens to your wallet after every 30 days.

How you can be sure or crypto ecosystem is sustainable?
Because we invest as liquidity provider 10% of our 43 PetaHash Bitcoin mining revenue each month.

Search on the market more interesting token but we are sure you can’t!

Collateral Value of $BMFT

Anytime the Token is purchased or sellers on Pancakeswap, 10% and 14% balance is Automatically Staked on our Platform for Liquidity. Trading fees go to backing the liquidity on PancakeSwap ensuring an ever-increasing collateral value of $BMFT.

Protocol Token Acquisition

Baltic Miners uses some of its treasury to buy valuable governance tokens. This creates utility and value for $BMFT token holders and grants controlling voting power over other influential protocols.

Encouraged Profit Taking

Our dynamic tax system ensures that no one person can cause massive swings in price. Because fees are adjusted when a transaction affects $BMFT liquidity, we're able to encourage people to take their profits in a way that benefits both the investor and the community.

Other Important Characteristics

Our BMFT smart contract has set a particular protection for all investors in order to guarantee the value of the token in the long term from possible speculative operations of whale investors.

In fact, all holders of significant quantities of tokens will be able to sell the tokens purchased only at the rate of 20% of their portfolio every 30 days, thus grinding price stability over the long term.

The significant amount of tokens that trigger the whale safeguard clause depends on the average investments made by individual holders over a given period and whoever holds an above average number of tokens is considered a whale.

It is possible and convenient to hold BMFT tokens at the Baltic Wallet & Exchange with different benefits in temporary and cyclical promotion:

For the application and duration of the promotions, please refer to the announcements on the Telegram channel or available on Baltic Wallet Page

Baltic Miners



365,000% APY

Fixed Compounding APY

Baltic Miners provides a decentralized financial asset which rewards users with a sustainable fixed compound interest model through use of it’s unique SAP protocol. 

Baltic Miners delivers the industry’s highest fixed APY, paid every 8 hours, and a simple buy-hold-earn system that grows your $BMFT portfolio in your wallet at a lightning fast pace.

BALTIC MINERS Smart Contract:

ʻʻ All BMFT Baltic Miners holders are rewarded with automatic compound interest which is paid every 8 hours ʼʼ

How it Works

Baltic Miners - Mining Farm


$BMFT is the native token which interest rebase rewards are paid. Every token holder automatically receives 0,14% interest every 8 hours just for holding $BMFT tokens in their own wallet!


Crypto’s really sustainable Auto-Compounding Protocol with the greatest fixed APY in the industry of 365,00 %. Interest rewards are compounded every 8 hours for every BSC wallet holding any $BMFT tokens.

Baltic Miners Insurance Fund (BMIF)

The BMIF serves as an insurance fund to achieve price stability and longterm sustainability of the Baltic Miners Protocol by maintaining a consistent 0.14% rebase rate paid to all $BMFT token holders.

BMFT Treasury

The Treasury provides support to the BMIF in the event of and extreme price drop in the $BMFT token. The Treasury also funds investments, new BMFT projects and marketing for $BMFT.

The Fire Pit

1% of all $BMFT traded are burn in the Fire Pit. The more that is traded, the more get put into the fire causing the Fire Pit to grow in size, larger and larger throught self fulfilling Auto-Compounding, reducing the circulating supply and keeping the Baltic Miners protocol stable.

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How It Works

2.5% of all trading fees are stored in the BMFT Insurance Fund which helps sustain and back the staking rewards provided by the positive rebase.

Keeps holders safe by:

Avoiding flash crash through price stability.

Greatly reducing downside risk.

Achieving longterm sustainability and future growth of the Safuu Protocol.

The Fire Pit

Burns Token Supply to:

Prevent circulating supply getting out of hand and becoming unmanageable.

Offset positive rebase interest printing.

How It Works

2.5% of all trading fees are stored in the BMFT Insurance Fund which helps sustain and back the staking rewards provided by the positive rebase.

Baltic Miners Auto-Liquidity Engine (SALE)

Every 48 hours our BalticMiners Auto-Liquidity Engine (SALE) will inject automatic liquidity into the market. On each buy is a 16% tax fee and 20% tax fee on Sell that automatically gets stored into an Auto-LP wallet and built into our protocol’s smart contract is the mechanism which smartly takes the 50% of the amount of BalticMiners stored in the wallet, and will automatically buy BNB at the current market price.

The remaining 50% of BalticMiners in the Auto-LP wallet will be used for the BalticMiners side of liquidity, therefore giving equally a 50/50 weighting of BalticMiners/BNB which will then be automatically added as new, additional liquidity into the market pair and raising the amount of liquidity in the pool.

The SALE will do this every 48 hours by adding more and more liquidity to the pool which will allow $BMFT token holders to easily sell their tokens at any time with little to no market slippage. It will also aid in maintaining protocol stability to make sure the APY is upheld for the entire life of BalticMiners.

Automatic injection of liquidity from a hard-coded function every 48 hours!

No manual override ability to pause or stop liquidity from being added.

Allows for complete APY sustainability until maximum supply is reached.


Highest Fixed APY in Crypto – 365,000%

Low Risk with Baltic Miners Insurance Fund (BMIF)

Interest Paid Every 8 hours: 3 Times Daily!

Automatic Staking and Compounding in Your Wallet!



16% Slippage

Automatic LP

10% of order fees return to liquidity

BMFT Insurance Fund

2,5% of order fees are stored in BIF


2.5% of order fees go to the treasury

Fire Pit

1% of $BMFT is burnt in the fire pit


20% Slippage

Automatic LP

14% of order fees return to liquidity

BMFT Insurance Fund

2,5% of order fees are stored in BIF


2.5% of order fees go to the treasury

Fire Pit

1% of $BMFT is burnt in the fire pit

The $BMFT BalticMiners

Auto-Compounding Protocol


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